What is Movement for Birth about?

~ Respecting the body's intelligence and its interconnection with mind and spirit ~

~ Cultivating self-trust to move through the constant changes of pregnancy, birth and parenthood ~

~ Holding space for the complexity of birth experience and creating community to support these diverse journeys ~

Who am I?

I am a practicing midwife with a particular interest in  relationship-based care and birth in community settings.

I have a passion for embodied birth preparation and my classes are  influenced by practices and principles of yoga and hypnobirthing. I also recognise that some births need some help some of the time and like to create inclusive spaces to explore the diversity of needs and experiences in childbirth. 

I am experienced in facilitating antenatal education in the NHS and privately with individuals, couples and groups

I also run yoga workshops to support midwives' wellbeing.

What's on offer?

We are drowning in information and starving for wisdom (E O Wilson)