The Midwives' Circle

The challenges I faced in midwifery led me to yoga as a powerful foundation for rest, balance and growth

What has yoga got to do with midwifery?

Midwifery is a challenging profession and midwives need the same compassion as birthing people! Through yoga retreats and workshops I support colleagues to explore practices which enable deep rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. These tools enable greater capacity for self-compassion and emotional management, and promote opportunities for connection and solidarity with like-minded midwives.


Previous Retreats and Workshops

The Midwives' Circle, Retreat for Student Midwives, September 2022

The Midwives' Circle, Workshop for Midwives, December 2022

Yoga Workshop for Student Midwives, City University, May 2023


What is The Midwives Circle?

The Midwives' Circle brings together people in the birth world to learn simple yoga tools to help prepare for and unwind from the demands of their work. I offer restorative yoga to support physical, mental and emotional balance and a sharing circle to cultivate peer support between midwives and validate both the joys and challenges of our profession.


"Tamsyn's approach is excellent for someone new to yoga and also for someone who is not that flexible." Lisa 

"I felt so safe and comfortable to be myself. I learnt how to completely relax my body and nervous system which will help me de-stress and unwind. I learnt to believe in myself, and to be kind to myself. Midwifery is a tough career and stressful - but I know these techniques are going to help. I feel recharged and I have learnt so many new practices which I will take with me throughout my life and career."  Mary

We are stars wrapped in skin - the light we are seeking has always been within