Holistic Birth Preparation

Childbirth, however it unfolds, is an invitation to change

Holistic Birth Preparation 

Mondays 7-9pm 

Carnegie Library Hub, Herne Hill, SE24 0DG

A weekly pregnancy circle to enjoy gentle movement,  breathing exercises, deep relaxation, creative activities and peer support


What can I expect?

Birth is a unique opportunity to prepare the body, mind and spirit for the major life transitions ahead. However, it is often dominated by information; while information is power, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. Sometimes less is more!

My classes focus on movement, breathing, relaxation and creative exercises, with information about birth integrated along the way. The class follows the same rhythm each week because repetition and simplicity supports integration and enables us to create new healthy habits. 

Each week will also include one or two new activities, which will be influenced by the needs of the group at the time. 

There will always be a chance to share something about your pregnancy journey so far. Simply being witnessed and witnessing others can be a very powerful tool for navigating life transitions and feeling supported along the way. 


Who can attend?

The first three sessions of the month are for pregnant people only and partners are invited to the last Monday of every month. Please book two tickets if you are coming as a couple. 

My intention is always to create a welcoming and inclusive space. If you are unsure about whether this group is right for you, please contact me directly.


Is it for me/us?

Perhaps this is your first pregnancy or perhaps you have had a baby before. Perhaps you are at the very start of your pregnancy or nearing the end. Perhaps you are single or perhaps you are in a relationship. Perhaps you are excited about birth, perhaps you feel very anxious or perhaps you feel a whole mix of emotions! 

Whoever you are and wherever you're at in your pregnancy, you will be welcomed. Every group that comes together has its own magic because of the diversity of experience that each individual brings along. 

Although some exercises are influenced by yoga and hypnobirthing, there are no prerequisites for joining.  You might find aspects of the class unfamiliar, but don't let that put you off. A beginner's mind encourages openness and flexibility, both fantastic tools for parenthood!


Can I come if I'm already doing an antenatal course?

These sessions can be an alternative or an addition to standard antenatal classes depending on your needs. Although some of the information that is covered in standard course will also be shared in these sessions, the approah is very different because it is holistic and experiential. 

The sessions can be booked individually so there is no need to commit long-term. Try it out and, if you enjoy it, come again!


What if I'm planning a caesarean birth?

If you're planning a cesarean birth then this group may not meet your needs because the sessions focus on preparing for physiological birth. However, movement and relaxation are supportive for pregnancy and parenthood, regardless of the type of birth you have.

If you are unsure about whether you want a caesarean or vaginal birth, then this could be the place to explore that without judgement.


 What will I need?

Comfortable clothes

Yoga mat



Spirit of curiosity!


How do I sign up?

These classes are currently being facilitated by Jess while I am away from London. Jess is a friend and midwife colleague with a background in dance and deep listening.

Please contact Jess via email mcardle.jess@gmail.com to book a session or a block of classes.


"You are incredibly knowledgeable and really good at finding ways of explaining concepts to people who aren't in the birth world. I liked that you took a holistic approach and included things like scents, rebozo and different resources."  Amanda

"I appreciated the moment of calm, the connections, the gentle drip-feed of empowering knowledge and the steadying presence and commitment to self-care in a stressful period." Naomi

"The atmosphere was lovely and it felt very relaxed. I liked learning about positions and things we could do to help in labour." Isabel

If you want to be present and strong in birth, you need to practice that way of being in your everyday life (Pam England)